Word from the Editor (Dec 2015)

Dear readers,

My name is Catherine Chou, and it is my absolute pleasure to be Editor-in-Chief for this extended issue! As some of you may know, we have had some officer rearrangements within the Pioneer, and I am fortunate to be taking the reins as EIC.

With the end of another semester comes the stress of final exams, and we at the Pioneer would like to remind you of all the resources available to you – biomedical engineering student or otherwise! Beyond your TAs and professors, who are always open to and willing to assist you, there also exist a variety of tutoring options both within the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering and otherwise. For example, PLUS, 1-to-1, and helpdesk are always available as well to help you prepare, and the BME department also has a new FOCUS Tutoring program for BME-specific classes that is put on in conjunction with the Center for Academic Success.

More importantly, however, is to know that there are many people wanting to assist you in managing your stress this finals season. 2015 has truly been a year where mental health has hit student communities hard all around the United States. In the early months of January, February and March, a string of suicides rocked campuses including our own, building up to a Mental Health Summit hosted with campus leaders and administration at Georgia Tech. In the coming weeks, many organizations will be hosting de-stressing events, and the Georgia Tech Counseling Center further provides mental health counseling services to help you deal with end-of-semester anxiety. If you prefer peer support, also know that your fellow students are here to provide you with the empathy you need. You are not alone this finals season; the GT community is here with you.

On a brighter note, one of my favourite ways to relax is by perusing a copy of the Pioneer, so we hope you enjoy this issue and follow us on Facebook (facebook.com/gtpioneer), Twitter (twitter.com/pioneergt) and our soon-to-be-finished new website, thepioneer.gatech.edu. Thank you for your continual support, and hope you all have a wonderful holiday!