Word from the Editor (Apr 2015)

Greetings all,

The semester is quickly winding down to a whirlwind close with deadlines hastily approaching, yet-to-be-completed projects looming large, and finals to be studied (or, in a hopefully limited number of cases, crammed) for. But, within a few short weeks, the summer shall be upon us bringing its own share of exciting experiences whether it be internships across the country, studying abroad in a different country, traveling and taking some time off from the grind – or staying on campus to take classes, again. Regardless of your plans, we at the Pioneer wish all of you the best of luck during these last couple of weeks and we offer you our most sincere encouragement to stay strong, to stay diligent, and to stay hungry for the fruit of the efforts you have put in thus far.
For the past month, the Pioneer staff has been busy assembling a new issue to close out the academic year. Featured in this issue, we have a trio of spotlights for your reading pleasure. The first is a Research Spotlight, featuring the work being done in Dr. Melissa Kemp’s lab with regards to immunoengineeing and the modeling techniques being worked on her in lab to develop a more thorough understanding of cell and immune responses. The second is a Faculty Spotlight featuring Dr. Joe LeDoux, one of the department’s most involved professors in undergraduate studies, and the third is a Graduate Spotlight featuring Yogi Patel, a Ph.D. candidate under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Butera. In addition, we also have a Learning Commons article talking about the newly opened Podcast Studio (be sure to check it out when you get a chance!) and a frontlines report from the ninth annual American Student Medical Association conference here at Georgia Tech.
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Until Next Time,
Jonathan Austin