Word from the Editor

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to campus. I know this may be a bit late, it already being the end of January, but still, get excited for an awesome new semester. There are a lot of awesome things coming up around the corner like the campus-wide Internship Fair being held in a couple of days on January 28 and 29. It’ll be a great opportunity to get out there and meet some people, get a Co-Op or internship, or at the least just learn about different industries and companies.

Be on the lookout for the revival of our Pre-Health column in the upcoming issues as well as a dive into the lives of some of the new additions to the Coulter Department family. In this issue, we bring you an article how to build a strong portfolio as many of you apply for internships/Co-Ops and full-time jobs. We also have another addition to our research series this issue exploring the field of cardiovascular systems and cardiology. We also wanted to shed light on teaching assistants that help out in courses in the department by hearing from them about their experiences, so we have included a piece on Elizabeth Carpenter.

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With warm regards,
Harish M. Srinimukesh