The BME Learning Commons

The Learning Commons (LC) was launched in 2014 with the idea of helping BME students with the 4C’s: Curriculum, Creativity, Connections, and Career. The LC has quickly grown to become an umbrella organization that supports multiple initiatives in the BME department, a few of which include the mentorship program, dinner jackets, FOCUS tutoring, and, of course, Dr. Le Doux’s famous podcasts.

The LC is currently undergoing a transition phase. Walk into a meeting, and you’ll find the members brainstorming ideas to chart a new roadmap for the organization. They have come up with three major goals for the coming years. First, they are looking to improve the academic support provided to BME students by further developing FOCUS tutoring. FOCUS, which stands for Facilitated Open Collaborative Undergraduate Study, comprises of a group of upperclassmen, each with a specific sub-field they’re comfortable with, guiding students struggling with a particular class. FOCUS tutoring is especially popular because students are guided and encouraged to solve problems on their own.

Another area of development that the LC is working towards is improving the freshman BME experience. With the introductory BME class no longer in existence, the freshman often feel rather disconnected with their major. The LC has planned to host TED TalksTM and organize visits to clinical settings to acquaint incoming freshmen with their major.

Finally, the LC plans to organize a medical-themed Hack-a-thon to enhance entrepreneurial spirit in BME students. The event will see students from diverse fields come together in small teams to solve problems plaguing the healthcare field.
The LC has come a long way since its inception in 2014, and by the looks of it, it is just getting warmed up!