Grape Skin Extract & Digital Image Processing

Muscadine grape skin extract can antagonize Snail-cathepsin L-mediated invasion, migration and osteoclastogenesis in prostate and breast cancer cells.
Burton LJ, Smith BA, Smith BN, Loyd Q, et al. Carcinogenesis.

In regards to cancer, muscadine grapes are the grapes of wrath. Researchers in the Platt lab have recently discovered that muscadine grapes skin extract (MSKE) can be used as a treatment in prostate and breast cancer, In addition to being an excellent source of fiber, purple muscadine grape skin contains anthocyanin. This bioactive agent is capable of antagonizing snail-cathepsin L-mediated invasion, migration and osteoclastogenesis in cancer cells without disturbing healthy normal cells.  No studies have been published as of yet whether or not wine may be a suitable source of anthocyanin.

A three-dimensional image processing program for accurate, rapid, and semi-automated segmentation of neuronal somata with dense neurite outgrowth.
Ross JD, Cullen DK, Haris JP, LaPlaca MC, DeWeerth SP. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy.

Tired of squinting at neurons? Wondering if you counted those little buggers twice? Do artifacts keep you up at night? Well, weep no more because researchers in the LaPlaca lab have a solution for you and your brain slicing needs. With an advanced three-dimensional image processing program, you can view your neuronal somata in practically pornographic detail. No longer will researchers be forced to decide whether to identify cell nuclei segementation or tracing of cell neurites. This handy dandy doohickey does both with over 96% accuracy. Keep brain slicing my friends.