Podcast Studio Joins the Department!

The BME Department has a new exciting component to offer to students and faculty due to the efforts of the Learning Commons – The Podcast Studio! This studio will serve as an innovative way for students to teach other, for faculty to experiment with flipped classrooms, and for the BME community to share stories about their adventures and journeys. Dr. Joseph LeDoux, faculty lead of the Learning Commons, and Malavika Sanghvi, an early student pioneer of the program, volunteered their time to offer more insight into this venture.

The genesis of the podcast studio began with a desire expressed by the students for more information about the faculty, the careers, and the future of undergraduates in BME. Dr. LeDoux credits the conception of the studio to a thorough brainstorming session in which students and faculty created a matrix of scenarios and needs that different groups of people within BME could have. Per Malavika, the goal was to create something which could work in sync with the “ultimate motto” of the learning commons, “facilitating collaboration at different levels within the department” – hence, the conception of the podcast studio.

Dr. LeDoux hopes for the podcast to be a movement within BME. He believes “stories are the best way to learn” and sees the podcast as the best medium by which to convey this idea. Malavika mentioned a lack of awareness amongst students about available resources and she hopes that through the “memorable and informative stories” provided by the podcast that this gap can be amended.

The podcast studio also creates leadership opportunities as the program is looking for founders to kick-start this initiative. Dr. LeDoux describes these students as ‘intrepreneurs’ (an entrepreneur in their department). He believes the podcast will be crucial in addressing the need to define BME, the available opportunities in the field, and the chance to learn about professors and their work in the field. Since this is a podcast, anyone will be able to subscribe and thus Dr. LeDoux hopes that this podcast will also gain traction outside of Georgia Tech and foster a whole BME community. A few podcast examples that Malavika envisions are “Behind-the-scenes @ Inventure”, “A Day in the Life of a Tech Alum” and “An Interview with a Faculty Member”.

Usage of the studio is expected to function like the room reservation concept for the CULC and will be open for anyone for use. The studio is located on the fourth floor of Whitaker and is equipped with two microphones, mixers, headphones, macs, a tablet that captures anything written on its screen, Go-Pro cameras, and voice recorders – basically everything needed to capture high quality sound! Currently, a sophisticated website along the lines of “This American Life” is needed to upload the podcasts so that anybody can listen to them (developers are welcome to help!).

There are no requirements for joining the team, so those who are interested can apply by emailing either Malavika or Dr. LeDoux. While there will be standard leadership roles, Dr. LeDoux envisions the team as being a scrum team (everyone is at the same level hence there is no hierarchy). The team is currently in search of copy editors, sound engineers, reporters, hosts, and managers and is not major-restricted to just BME so please feel free to apply.

Dr. LeDoux hopes that one day the studio will be overbooked! The Pioneer hopes to help him achieve that dream and encourages students and faculty to help this initiative gain traction.