Company Coverage: Medtronic

What is Medtronic?

Medtronic is a biomedical engineering company that not only develops healthcare products but also constantly conducts relative research while striving for the improvement of the products. Medtronic offers a variety of jobs, including, but not limited to, engineering, business development, clinical, compliance, finance, human resources, and health policy jobs. They extend beyond product development, with extensive branches in therapy services, while offering treatment and rehabilitation therapies in areas from cardiac rhythm to diabetes to neurological, and spinal and more. Medtronic’s main headquarters is in Minneapolis, MN, but they are located worldwide with centers in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Greater China, Japan, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. They also have many operations set up in the US, in over 14 states and Puerto Rico, with multiple locations in each state. Medtronic operates in more than 155 countries worldwide with more than 260 locations.

How did Medtronic get to this point, and what is their mission?

Today, Medtronic claims to be the world’s single largest medical technology company. In stark contrast to this grandeur, Medtronic started out as a humble small-town medical repair shop owned and operated by Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law. These two men did not set out to make a million-dollar company, nor did they intend to influence how all medical corporations are run, and they definitely did not know that their small idea would end up improving the lives of millions of people.

Instead, they valued integrity and passion and above all, they felt they had a moral purpose to use their scientific knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to help others. It is this mindset and this goal that led to the mission statement Medtronic has today.

Today, Medtronic states their mission is “To contribute to human welfare by application of biomedical engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments or appliances that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.” The first major therapy developed by Medtronic was a wearable, battery-powered cardiac pacemaker and its use of electrical stimulation lead to many more similar but improved creations. They plan to grow in the areas of biomedical engineering, strive for the greatest possible product quality and reliability, to make a fair profit to recognize the personal worth of employees and to maintain good citizenship as a company. Over the years, they have developed additional core technologies, including implantable mechanical devices, drug and biologic delivery devices, and powered and advanced energy surgical instruments. Today, their technologies are used to treat nearly 40 medical conditions with high success rates.

So that’s cool and all, but what does Medtronic mean to you, as Undergraduate here at Georgia Tech?

This previous Fall, for the first time, Medtronic sent representatives to the Biotech Career Fair. They came on Wednesday, September 14th from 7-8pm in Whitaker 1232 with the pitch, “Engineers and scientists are the innovation engine of Medtronic, continually improving our core products and therapies while developing new technologies that help physicians diagnose diseases earlier, treat patients with less disruption, and alleviate symptoms throughout the patient’s life. We offer diverse technical positions to top graduate and undergraduate engineering students. As an engineer at Medtronic, you will enjoy a challenging and exciting career as you collaborate with colleagues and healthcare professionals, sharing ideas while you design, develop, plan, produce, research, service, and test new life-changing therapies.” They were received well by the students, giving out information about spring and summer internships, as well as getting their name out there as a great resource for future careers in product design, development, and research. Medtronic is interested in expanding the horizons they offer for undergraduates, and now offer more internships and co-ops than ever before.

Working with Medtronic could give undergraduates exposure to a wide variety of disciplines, not just in engineering, but in chemical, material, and computer sciences as well as different sectors of business, like marketing and strategy.

Medtronic intends for undergraduates to leave at the end as well-rounded students and adequately prepared for when they take on their own full-time job. Having already been exposed to clinical applications like medical practitioners and healthcare economics, not just industry and research, these positions will help undergraduates succeed in their careers after graduation.

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