Inside The Mind of Nick

“I had heard stories of BME Tech grads having difficulty landing opportunities after graduation and BMEs losing out to MEs and ECEs for device development jobs. After being in the program for a few years and being exposed to the co-op/internship opportunities on CareerBuzz and company websites, I am less concerned because I have seen that there are a variety of full-time jobs currently out there for BMEs. I also know several BME students who have co-oped/interned so I know that there are available and attainable opportunities for BMEs. After being in the major for almost three and a half semesters, my favorite part about BME is probably the group-oriented curriculum because I like working in a team environment. No other engineering major at Tech has anywhere near as many group projects, papers, and presentations, which makes BME unique.”

– Nick Hayes, Treasurer of The Pioneer
Biomedical Engineering, 3rd Year Undergraduate Student