Inside The Mind of Michelle

“I’ve always been a pretty reserved person. Never in a million years will I consider sky diving or bungee jumping. However, in high school, I met this girl who rock climbed, mountain biked, and did all sorts of exciting things. Every time she would go off on her adventures, she would invite me along. Of course, I always said no because I knew I would chicken out. But one day, I sucked it up and said yes. We ended up at a local water mill where somehow I was convinced to go cliff jumping. By the end of that day, I had jumped off a cliff too many times to count, walked across the top of a waterfall, and swam to an underwater cave within the waterfall itself. That day was so unexpected and to this moment, I constantly seek my next adventure to go on!”

– Michelle Tourchak, Public Relations Chair of The Pioneer
Biomedical Engineering, 3rd Year Undergraduate Student