Industry Talk: David Wu, CEO of Motus Nova

Motus Nova is a startup company that aims to revolutionize rehabilitation for stroke survivors. We talk to David Wu, CEO of Motus Nova, about his experience and his future goals for the company.

Motus Nova was selected as the ‘Most Innovative Tech Company of 2019’ by Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

Motus Nova Products

Hand Mentor Pro
Foot Mentor Pro


“I was introduced to the Hand Mentor… and the immediate benefits were that I could see some progress being made on the first day, which was incredible because I had virtually no movement in the arm or the hand. And you know just moving it a sixteenth of an inch here or there made a heck of a difference. I would say that comparing it other things I did in the clinic, it was more fun… so it took a lot of monotony out of what we would do every day, and that was the whole key for me.”

-Steve S.
Stroke Survivor

“[The Motus Hand Mentor and Foot Mentor] represent some of the best and brightest ideas that have been developed … [and] are currently being scaled for national implementation, so that Veterans across the country have access to the innovative and effective care they deserve.”

-Dr. David Shulkin MD
Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, “Best Care Everywhere” 2017,