Impulses (October 2015)

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of all the undergraduates at Georgia Tech. We caught up with a few!

Heesu Lee

“ I really liked the study abroad trip. I became so mature, as you can tell. It was cool going to different places, and while I am usually not the person to be in charge of things, I looked up where to go and saw interesting things. It was very spontaneous. It was fun to be spontaneous.”

Heeseu Lee, BME '15

Tim Gassner

“ A class that I really enjoy is the Intro to Biomedical Design class. It is an interesting combination of industrial design and biomedical engineering. I am in Startup Lab right now, and after taking these classes. I would like to have my own startup as well in the near future.”

Tim Gassner, BME '15

Colton Thomas

“The reason I choose aerospace engineering was because I love rockets. I can talk to you all day about rockets. Right now in senior design we are working on a CubeSat proposal for NASA. It is a proposal to go to a binary asteroid system, which is a larger asteroid with a smaller asteroid orbiting around it. We are going to join ESA (European Space Agency) and AIM (Asteroid Impact Mission), and they will deploy us from around 100 meters before NASA comes in with its spacecraft and plunges into the asteroid. We are also going to take a spectroscopy of the asteroid. The reason for doing these things is to understand the collision course and how to redirect an asteroid if it’s ever necessary.
Outside of being an AE, I have a part time job at Nike and am working on a side project with Mo for the InventurePrize, which is actually why I am here in the BME department. We want to redesign a way for babies to take liquid vitamins, and I am doing the CAD portion of this project. I am always coming up with ideas at work, and so I decided this would be the easier one to work on earlier on in my career.”

Colton Thomas, AE '15

Mo Oshionowo

“Ever since I was three I have wanted to be a doctor. However, when I graduated high school, I thought about it and decided that medical school might not be the path for me. Instead, I decided to do something at an undergraduate level that I would want to continue doing and would help people: develop medical devices. As such, when Colton asked me to help him with the biology aspect of his project, I said why not and put my classwork to use.”

Mo Oshinowo, BME '16