Impulses – Summer Plans

After a long and grueling spring semester punctuated with midterms and ends with a brutal period of finals, students find solace in the summer – the few months during the year where they are free to roam. The opportunities one can find in the summer include internships, research opportunities, taking summer classes, or traveling. Students at Georgia Tech do not find themselves with “nothing to do” in the summer; in fact, some Biomedical Engineering students already have some plans laid out for their summers.

Photographed by Samantha Hestad

Priya Nair, 2nd Year BME
“This summer I will be involved in a research fellowship, and I’m still choosing between 2 leading programs that I have been accepted to. I look forward to being involved in cutting-edge research, meeting students from various schools all across the nation, and making valuable connections this summer!”

Photographed by Samantha Hestad

Michael Pang, 2nd Year BME
“I will be spending my summer at Noblis, where I’ll be researching aspects of antibiotic resistance”

Tristan Wu, 2nd Year BME
“I’m going to study abroad in Galway, Ireland, where I’ll be taking BME classes. I’m really excited to explore Ireland and go hiking in the countryside.”

Tristan, Michael, and Priya are just a few examples of students who use the extra time that summer offers to further their academic growth. Tech students have access to a plethora of summer activities and opportunities, but it is our own responsibility to find the right fit.