Meet Our 2017 EiC!

“What has been your favorite memory of  BME at Georgia Tech so far?”

Vikram Varadarajan, our new Editor-in-Chief, responded as follows.

“Imagine you need to drop test a device to protect divers from concussions, measuring the resulting accelerations and whatnot. Ideally, I’d get access to a diving platform and a huge pool. But a BMED 2250 project has time, approval, and resource constraints. So, what’s the next best choice? Dropping a smartphone accelerometer rigged to a kettle bell off the third floor balcony of the football stadium into a trash can filled with four feet of water.

Because that’s what a brilliant second year Georgia Tech engineer-in-training would do.

As a biomedical engineer at Georgia Tech, you have to enjoy (occasionally) coming up with harebrained, half-baked, experimental solutions to odd problems. All my favorite BME memories at Tech have that in common.”

– Vikram Varadarajan (Editor-in-Chief of the Pioneer)