First Annual BMES Student Networking Night

We have all heard the myth that there are only a few jobs for Biomedical engineers. If jobs are available, our arch rivals, the Mechanical engineers, are favored over us. However, as previously mentioned, that is a myth, not a fact, and if you don’t believe it, go to the next BMES networking night and see for yourself!

BMES Networking Night 2

BMES hosted its first annual networking night on March 31st, 2016. Approximately 20 BME alumni were present primarily to discuss their jobs in industry. A variety of businesses associated with the BME industry were represented at the networking night. There were alumni present from medical device companies such as Clearside Medical and Boston Scientific, but also alumni from consulting firms like Bain and Company and Clarkson Consulting. Also, there were alumni present who are currently working for General Motors, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), and many more amazing companies.
BMES Networking Night 1
However, facilitating the participation of alumni in this networking night was quite a challenge but a challenge that Sudarsan Pranatharthikaran welcomed! As the Chair of the Industry Relation committee for BMES, Sudarsan reached out to the alumni that he knew, but then expanded the pool by reaching out to Sally Gerrish to receive a master list of alumni that were in the area. After sending out a substantial amount of emails, to his surprise, most of the alumni replied saying that they would be able to make it!

True to their word, many alumni were present that night and some clearly had just got off work because they were still wearing their uniform! However, none of the alumni seemed tired and aloof. Instead, they were welcoming and amiable and were excited to share their knowledge with us students. Subhi Al-Jabi, a BME freshman, was present that night and received a lot of insight from the alumni about research and development, and the manufacturing and quality management aspects of industry.

Overall it was a very successful night! The networking night was a very relaxed occasion in that students and alumni were allowed to walk around and mingle with each other. Sudarsan adequately described the BMES networking night as he said, “This mixer wasn’t all about handing out your resume and giving your elevator speech, it was about making connections.”