A Day in the Life of a BME Student

“Wake up!”

Your roommate stands over your bed, looking quite displeased. The incessant sound of your phone’s alarm is still on. You quickly jump to turn it off and apologize for waking her up. It is 7 AM. You realize that you are back to reality. Slowly, you begin your morning routine before your 9:30 class.

You drag yourself to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and make breakfast. You turn on your Keurig and put on some good beats from your Spotify. You brief over your calendar on what events you have planned today, reply back to unread messages, and check social media. You feel a little heart broken the Medtronic email isn’t there. “One day it will be there,” you think to yourself.

The first class you have today is Systems Physiology. Today you are learning about the nervous system. Some of your classmates are preparing to go to med school, so sometimes you feel a little discouraged about how expansive their knowledge about these things are. You still write notes and try your best to understand the complexities of the human body, but your professor has given twenty new things to put on your flow chart. You plan on reviewing after classes in the CULC.

As you walk out of Whitaker, you decide to grab some lunch with your friend at Nectar. You tell her about your funny morning and plans for the weekend. You two talk a little about class and how stressed both of you are. Then, you complain about certain professors and how the TA graded your homework. You finish lunch, and you and your friend head to Howey where your next class is.

As the lecture room fills, you pull out your Survey of Organic Chemistry notes and a pen. You talk to your surrounding neighbors about how your week has been going. One of your friends works in a lab where they had to kill rats after they have been tested on. You and your friends feel saddened this is a reality of the science world. “But it is for a greater good of humanity,” your friend tries to justify. You ponder this momentarily; then your professor greets the class. She slyly jokes only half the class laughs at because the others either do not get it or are not paying attention.

She begins her lecture about R-S configurations.

You begin to feel regretful for not buying a molecular modeling kit because your 3D visualization skills are weak. You write in your planner to buy some marshmallows and toothpicks over the weekend.

You check your phone around 4 PM. “Fifteen more minutes,” you think to yourself. The professor finally dismisses the class. You decide to continue the rest of the day at the CULC.

You meet some of your friends to study for the Systems and Physiology and Circuits exams coming up. You go over your notes from that day in class. Hours pass and soon it is almost 8pm. You are starving, so you walk to the student center to grab some Panda Express. After you come back, you continue to study for another four hours. You open Coursera for Circuits and begin watching the videos while adding formulas and concepts to your crib sheet. It would not be a day as a BME student if at one point at the night you didn’t question why you chose this life. Then you remind yourself of how much you love the things you are learning. It is 12:30 AM, and your brain has officially turned off. You walk back to your dorm with a friend. You walk past the CRC and see some friends play soccer on the field and wish you had to energy to play.

It is 1 AM. “One day this will all pay off,” you think to yourself.  You look at your bed as if it was a long-lost friend. You close your eyes and instantly fall asleep.

Edited by: Hannah Geil