AEMB Answers – Sep 2015

1. I have an Inventure Prize idea already – could a freshman participate and how do I form a team?

There is no class nor age restriction for entering the Inventure Prize competition. The interest form and more details about the competition can be found by googling for Inventure Prize. I would search for other students who share a similar passion and interest for your idea and have complementary abilities and technical skills to round out your team. There will be information sessions for the Inventure Prize, so I would recommend attending these sessions to gather more information about competing. Best of luck – make BME proud!

2. What should I do over the summer? Internships, classes, study abroad?

Your summer plans should be specific to your career goals. Once you have an idea of this goal such as getting into industry or pursuing academia at graduate school or medical school, I would reach out to upperclassmen who share similar career goals. For industry, I would recommend applying for internships or getting ahead in your classes with the objective of obtaining an internship in the future. For graduate school, I would explore research opportunities both at Georgia Tech and at other schools as well such as through REUs. For medical school, there are also a variety of options including shadowing a practicing doctor, doing research, or volunteering in clinics at home or abroad. Whatever you choose, just be sure to make the most of it!