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Pioneer is a monthly newsletter based in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory. Founded Spring of 2007, Pioneer was originally distributed online and intended for members of GT BMES. Since then it has grown to cover biotechnology news, student and department events, outstanding professors, students, and alumni, and tips to help students succeed to supplement the flow of communication in the GT Biotechnology Quad.

The newsletter is supported by a team of students in the Coulter Department and advised by numerous faculty and staff of the Georgia Institute of Technology. To find out how you can be involved in Pioneer, please contact us for more information.
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Applicants should bring all relevant materials (portfolio, resume, etc) to the interview. Photos and documents should be able to be seen during the interview (printed or on a phone, iPad, or laptop, not on a flashdrive or email).

Staff Position Descriptions:

For all positions below, we are ultimately looking for extremely motivated and proactive students. The positions are described below as they would probably attribute to an applicant's motivations (e.g. extremely fond of writing or photographs as a hobby). Willingness to continue/begin skill building under these specific areas is a must.

I. Staff Writer: A staff writer will receive an assignment with a deadline. A writer is responsible for making contact with the subject or subjects so that he/she can collect the necessary information required to complete the assignment in a timely manner. To remain as an active staff writer, the student must produce at least two articles per semester. A writer takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the factual content of the article. A writer should also strive to communicate his/her articles with a journalistic style that is concise, correct, and clear. To capture visuals for the article, the writer will cooperate with a staff photographer.

II. Photographer: A photographer will cooperate with the writer to capture visuals for an article. Photographers must strive to capture photos that accurately represent the subject, including, but not limited to, taking photographs, editing photographs, and searching through available media for relevant images. Photographers new to the publication world will be provided editing training. The student must contribute to every issue to remain as an active photographer.

III. Webmaster: A webmaster will be responsible for the content appearance and organization located at www.thepioneer.gatech.edu. Not only must the webmaster keep the website updated with the latest news and updates, but he/she is also responsible for the robustness of the website and its functions. The webmaster will actively work with the Editors-in-Chief and other staff members of The Pioneer to optimize the website for readers. Students interested in this position will be provided training and support even if they are unfamiliar with our website platform.

IV. Copy Editor: A copy editor will be responsible for reviewing the work of the writers and maintaining the quality of the articles and materials that make the final layout. Copy editors will work with the writers to maximize the quality of writing.

V. Layout Editor: A layout editor is responsible for the visual quality of the newsletter and the quality of content. Layout editors help design the layout for each issue as well as work with the Editing Committee to maximize publication quality, and will also participate in ideation of Pioneer organizational marketing from a design standpoint.

VI. Sponsorship Recruiter: Sponsorship recruiters are responsible for recruiting sponsors for the Pioneer and collecting funding for the organization. This will require communication skills and fund-raising knowledge.

VII. Cartoonist: Cartoonists will draw the monthly "That's so BME" comic for each issue. This will require digital drawing experience and generation of comic ideas.

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